I hate putting on this poker-face and pretending I don't feel the way I do.

I feel like the difference between me and a "real racist" is that a hillbilly hates blacks simply because he was raised that way.

I know we like to pick on stereotypes in this sub, especially since the blacks have mostly earned theirs, but this is a stereotype I hate. I know a lot of hillbillies. I was raised around them, friends with them, and some (a lot) even call me one. That said, almost every "hillbilly" I have ever known has had a black friend. I know a number of black people that are just as hillbilly as the whites around here, and those blacks are treated exactly the same as the whites. My grandfather, one of the biggest race-realists I have ever known, has been best friends with a black man for his entire life. In his back yard beside his pond my grandfather has a bell tower. On this bell tower is a large confederate flag, and it's been flying there since before I was born. Johnny, his black friend, has never said a word about it. He's fine with it. He himself has a confederate flag sticker on his pickup. He's a great guy, and any of his white friends will tell you the same. I've met some straight-up racists around here, and I know almost every one of them to have at least one black friend. That black friend acts just like them, and they even set around and gripe about black culture and the way black people are nowadays. These people do not hate anyone with dark colored skin - they hate anyone who acts like a hoodlum and a thug. The ones they call "nigger" and cast out are the ones that refuse to work, collect welfare, steal, cause violence, wear pants that sag to their knees, own multiple ours of $150+ sneakers, and generally act like a piece of shit. A hard working black man struggling to provide for his family and making an honest living is just as good as a white man in their eyes. In town every day there is a black man sitting on the side of the street with a barbecue smoker smoking meat and selling it. He's a retired coal miner and sells meat because it's his passion (and he makes the best bbq in the state). Every day he is surrounded by multiple white men of the same age, overalls and boots on, confederate flag shirts, talking about old times and the problems with the world today. He is one of them because he acts like one of them. He doesn't leech off of them, steal, act violent, etc., but instead acts like a normal human being. I am 100% fine with him and all black folks like him. There are a surprising number of them here in the south, but they are all overshadowed by the younger, shitter generation. The rap-music loving, Jordan wearing, thieving, "das rayciss!" groid is the problem with the black race, and they make up the vast majority of blacks. They are why racism exists. It's not the color of their skin we hate, but the content of their character. Yes, a hillbilly usually dislikes a black person by default because of niggers like that being the majority, but once they see that the black person acts in a respectable manner and is pretty much like them, they change their opinion of that particular black. It's this that the liberal needs to take notice of, and learn that when someone dislikes a person because they are black it goes deeper than just skin color. It's their character that makes us hate them. We could live peacefully with the groid if they all acted like the few examples I have told you of, but the truth is they don't. Only a fraction of a percent act like actual humans, but I guarantee if you asked one of the blacks that fall into that category about racism they would tell you that they hardly ever experience it and that it's only the blacks hell-bent on "black culture" that seem to get the brunt of it.

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