I hate Strong Female Characters: Sherlock Holmes gets to be brilliant, solitary, abrasive, Bohemian, whimsical, brave, sad, manipulative, neurotic, vain, untidy, fastidious, artistic, courteous, rude, a polymath genius. Female characters get to be Strong.

Fair enough. I thought the fist film was fairly typical Tarantino, largely stylish and self indulgent taken on it's own, and the nuances you mentioned weren't very clear until the second film rounded it out, redeeming it (IMO only somewhat). It was a memorable and creative though (even if pastiche), which is more than you can say of many similarly styled films like Sucker punch or (almost all of these)[https://www.solarmovie.is/movie/search/female+assassin/], which notably fail where he succeeds.

Also I was going off my recollection of the character, and it isn't entirely fair to make a comparison between say the bride and Dianne Fossey or say the Dashwoods.

I suppose my gripe is more with Tarantino, though he's certainly well versed in film. I find his films tend to exhibit all the strengths and flaws of pulp fiction, his style repetitive and self indulgent (his foot fetish for example), it seems to lack important elements of naturalism and depth, since his range (the narratives and themes he chooses to focus on) seems limited, though I will admit it may simply be a matter of my losing taste for it.

I wonder if he could make a serious film including an in depth character study without his trademark exaggerated violence and sexuality. He may of course simply be sticking to his strengths or what he likes, and what suits him, much like an actor like Jason Stathem, who it would be shocking (and make him a target of mockery) to attempt something like hamlet.

I agree Tarantino deserves credit though, the training scenes and story-line almost entirely missing or unconvincing with other 'strong female characters' were enjoyable and appreciated. Personally I would have liked a little more background on who she was, how they met, etc but some allowances have to be made. He is presently master of film pastiche. I will examine the interview you provided with some interest thanks.

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