Why do you hate the United States of America?

I don't hate all of the US, but right now I definitely do not find it very pleasant here. I am completely over suburbia (don't get me started about other white people here...yes, I am white and know how ridiculous...and probably hypocritical...I sound), and the Northeast has always felt too damn busy and competitive for my liking. I'm currently considering relocating to the NorthWest...maybe near a college town or city or who knows? Maybe when COVID is over my family may become brave enough to consider moving to somewhere else entirely for a while...(though *no* country is perfect). Whatever happens, I hope to travel a lot more. I think that is a problem many of us have here. There's just too many of us here who get stuck in our little isolated culture (or lack there of) bubbles.

On another note, our country has a really bad obsession with media. I have a love/hate relationship with it myself since has been a large part my career. We Americans tend to be all about appearances, and that gets old. I worked in advertisement agencies for a couple decades and learned no matter what you are pushing—*nothing* sells like shame and nostalgia. There has been so much ignorance, damage, debt, and waste from this train of thought that continues to permeate our culture. Social media has made it even worse.

But there are parts of this country I love and would definitely grieve for if we left. Right now, I would rather put in more time to try change things for the better if possible.

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