I hate this world

This is ridiculous. You need to realize that your feelings don’t matter to anything of substance. I thought maybe I would make you realize how dumb your argument sounding by giving your your argument re-worded but you just fought back with “BuT sCiEnCe Is CoRrEcT iN-“

You want to know what science is correct in?

Sex is defined as a male and female category with anomalies in between, and just because you feel differently doesn’t mean anybody else has to conform to how you feel, because you’re not important, and neither is anybody else.

We’re meat bags on a tiny planet that we feel is gigantic just because we’re included in it, just like your feelings; they only matter to you because they’re yours, and your feelings will not have any change on the world, and we’ll all be dead in one million years anyways, so why spend your fractional insignificant time on the earth arguing about how other people need to treat you differently because you feel like you’re different?

Get over yourself.

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