She hates my love of Legos a little less now.


I'd STRONGLY suggest finding out how much she really hates something you love before you make the legal commitment. My wife loathes Lego and tolerates it mostly because our son also loves them. I was just starting to come out of my dark age when we got together and she didn't really pay attention to how much Lego I was acquiring.

The week three big boxes from eBay showed up at the door of our house was she pretty much let it be known how little she cared for it. It's not like I'm spending a huge amount of my income or discretionary spending on it, either. I buy sets a couple times a year for myself and Bricklink a few times a year on top of that.

I pretty much have to go hide in my Lego Room/Office to build stuff, unless I am helping my son build something or I get the stink eye and much annoyance over spending time and money on it. Strangely enough, she actually suggested going to LegoLand during a visit to Florida last year, but she can't conceive of why I'd need or want to get more Lego than what I already have.

After years of dealing with this, it has not been something that has improved our marriage. I've put aside other hobbies I've enjoyed over the years because of her disapproval; they were just fun time-wasters, not important to me. This one is more than that. I think at some level she understands that, but the fact that I can't share something that I love doing so much with her hurts.

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