Why I think hating on the tf team and calling them "incompetent" is dumb


I really don't understand this attitude that criticism is apparently not allowed, because we should be grateful that we get given updates at all regardless of quality, and that the team being small (although the team size changes every time someone brings it up to suit their argument) is somehow justification for poor quality. Perhaps the logic here is above my understanding.

Are you honestly suggesting that we should be grateful for updates like halloween 2016, where Valve copy pasted halloween 2015, with some community content they didn't make, and still managed to break contracts both at the start and end of the event?

Or how about the various updates that broke OSX clients completely. Or that update that disabled sentries after sapping for 10 times longer that it should have. Or the update that broke all of heavy's melee textures. Or the update that broke soundscapes for 3 months and made every map sound like medieval mode. Or the update just recently that somehow introduced a crash bug despite being unrelated balance changes.

And of course, that little update from last year where Valve added a half baked competitive mode that didn't include any of the feedback from the community at all, along with another mode that nobody asked for which removed core features from the game.

Are you suggesting those updates are competent? That they shouldn't be criticised for breaking basic things and making huge changes that people didn't ask for without even checking people wanted them?

Lets say I joined the TFTeam tomorrow, and released the pyro update, containing a bug that crashed your game and deleted inventory items if you had your backpack open while searching for a game. Would you defend people calling me incompetent?

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