hatred is back on greenlight

I reiterate: it's a civilian slaughtering simulator designed by nazis whose target audience wants to murder outspoken feminist women. If I'm a prudish conservative for opposing that then I don't know what being liberal is supposed to be like.

Why is portraying them as average civilians suddenly more problematic? When you're portraying murder, you're representing ending the life of a sentient being no matter their social status. There are tons of murder simulators out there. Do they represent a problem in our culture? If so, what. And I'll re-iterate, I'd rather neo-nazi shitlords develop silly games than attend anti-immigration rallies or some shit. What magical property into the medium is infused by the creator being a horrible person? This point is one of the biggest non-sequiturs I have ever seen.

And yes, you are quite typically conservative for opposing something completely irrelevant, small-time, and culturally inert.

The desire to murder minorities? Masculinity defined by the desire to kill? Wanting to kill outspoken women? Are you a troll?

There existing oppressed minorities in a generic pool of killable NPCs in a generic murder simulator does not therefore represent the cultural attitudes of violence towards them. There needs to be something more meaty and specific about there. And while the main character is the typical, silly hyper-masculine persona, there is no evidence of his desire to kill being defined by toxic masculinity -- he is the embodiment of silly standards of masculinity in a very derivative and unfocused sense. You could make the argument that it permeates a cultural problem of 'masculinity as defined by isolation and inability to deal with emotions and problems with the world due to toxic masculinity's insistence on shutting out your emotions and never talking about them' -- because that is the kind of psychological stuff that underlies the protagonists desire to kill, as is explicitly described in its reveal trailer.

Also, the game doesn't represent wanting to kill outspoken women. Those are community requests for that to be a part of the game. It is not part of the game yet. That would constitute something substantially problematic and disgusting if it were to be implemented. (Though that doesn't warrant, again, relentlessly masturbating over the structures of corporate power and their ability to institutionally discredit media they don't like, even if the media is garbage and represents cultural problems. We understand and spread awareness of oppression through these kinds of critiques, but don't pretend you're doing anything to address them, or that Steam "taking a stand" would come anything close to that.)

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