Hatred gets its Steam store page, all but confirming that the game will indeed be coming to Valve's platform

Considering how much zero-effort indie trash gets released and widely purchased, yes, decent production value is notable for an indie game.

How it stacks up against trash is of no consequence to me. I'll compare it to good games, as any rational person would.

Judging the whole game based on a minute or two in a trailer clearly designed to sell the game based on how offensive it is, not its gameplay, is completely idiotic.

Judging the game based on the thing the devs put out for you to judge the game by is idiotic? I'd love to know how it feels to live in your head.

There was nothing terrible about the gameplay footage they showed, complaining about guns and explosions is pretty silly when you're defending GTA5

I wasn't complaining about guns and explosions, I was complaining about the lack of anything else and the limited amount of guns. I can't possibly see how that confused you. If your reading comprehension skills are this impaired, you shouldn't be having arguments on the internet.

No game will look complex or interesting from a gameplay standpoint when you get such a brief view of it, which was what I was saying with my DMC3 example that you ignored.

Here, the first trailer I looked up for a game I like, fallout 3. I see variety in the weapons, environments and enemies. I see the VATs system. I see a unique style and a world that seems fun to explore. Everything about this game looks fun as fuck to me.

Or how about braid, where again, I see an interesting art style and novel mechanics. In fact, I see several novel mechanics.

And why should I comment on DMC3? I've never played it, I can't even comment on whether its good.

It's easy to pretend your argument is intelligent when you ignore things the other person has to say, isn't it? Just like with GTA5 where I specifically said right after the bit you quoted "if you seek some of that content out for its own sake, you find that it was all half-assed and has the depth of a baking sheet". So please tell me how wonderful the submarine was when all you could do with it was pick up trash.

I don't give a shit about how boring the submarine was, or any of the other things you mentioned. Those are pedantic criticisms of trivial aspects of the game. I enjoy the way the cities are populated, the way the NPCs are dressed and how they act and the things they say. I enjoy the gunplay, and the cars, and the environments. You seem to base your opinion off of the stuff that didn't live up to your expectations, but what I care about is the core game and the variety of things I did like. There was plenty in the game for me to like, so why would I be bothered if a few things fall flat?

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