I haven’t had sex with my wife in almost a year (24m) (25f)

i as i can see from the rest of these comments, i’m going to get downvoted into oblivion but i need to say my piece.

your wife’s body is hers, not yours. it is hers to tone or “let go.” if she wants to put on weight, that’s her prerogative. if she is unwilling to lose weight, that’s on her and your opinion on her body means less than her own. your attraction to her and her body is not as important as how she feels about herself

if she doesn’t like her weight gain but doesn’t want to put in the work to change that, then that’s a conversation to be had between her and a therapist.

“but i’m worried about her health!” weight gain =/= unhealthy. i am 5’2”, 210lbs, pants size 18. basically Fat as Fuck. and the only health issues i have are the disabilities i was born with that have no bearing on my weight at all. fat doesn’t mean unhealthy just as skinny doesn’t mean healthy. it’s fatphobic to assume she’s unhealthy just because she’s gained weight

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