Haven’t set a date, but already know even when we do we might have to postpone.

Catering is something we are doing but in a completely different way than most for our ceremony day. And at the event out of state we are going more casual and they have a full kitchen. My stepdad is a DJ so that’s covered. He doesn’t work as a DJ anymore so no conflicts.

It’s not 100 to change it. It’s a 100 for the venue per day and I’m hoping to do a Friday Saturday Sunday rental so I have set up, day of and clean up with little stress. To change it would just mean trying to find an open date. Honestly with the venue the biggest thing is people who want specific dates for things like graduation parties and family reunions. It’s a private venue on a private property and you must be an owner there to reserve it. People know the drill so some do line up outside to book the moment the office opens. Unfortunately, I am 1000 miles away so that’s not an option.

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