Haven't we advanced beyond mammoths?

No, it doesn't. It in fact can do the opposite.

Intelligence for our species isn't what everyone here thinks it is. Our species isn't rational, it's rationalizing. We are basically able to rationalize anything. Intelligence can be detrimental in that people will rationalize with great certainty and detail why they are not an asshole when in fact they are.

When you add in something like borderline personality disorder, it's a really intelligent asshole with a poor ability to control anger, which btw can come out of nowhere due to mood swings, and so someone with a situation like that who's also very intelligent will concoct some seriously intricate logic to identify an external driver, and by extension convince themselves the anger is justified. I know that sounds basically insane, but until a person is willing to recognize when their mood swing is something NOT caused by anything or anyone, it becomes very easy and damaging to personal relationships to place blame on others.

There's a lot of research that has gone into this over the years because for years there existed an unexplained link between high intelligence and various mental health conditions. However, actually what's true is intelligent people simply have about the same percentage of their population affected by mental illness, however their high intelligence allows that mental illness to manifest into something really difficult to unwind and workout. Leaders of entire industries might fall into this category.

TL;DR: high intelligence is not a risk factor for mental illness (which might be the cause of being an asshole in many people) however mental illness combine with high intelligence can lead to serious issues.

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