Haven't had sex in over two years, but want to try again

Understandably, these events caused you both to be apprehensive about sex. And while your little one is already two, that's in no way a relaxing time, so you will have to make time for it.

However, in a way you both are starting over, and I can see that this can get difficult in more than one way. Let's say you start the conversation, but he is unprepared, his reaction may not sit right with you, and you already wonder about his porn habit and your new body. And when you have sex, maybe one or both of you are too much in your head to enjoy it at once. I would write him your thoughts, concerns and hopes like you laid them out to us. Give him a couple days and set a time to talk at a convenient time and in a place you both feel good. I would approach this like a new beginning, where you both have baggage, but make a leap of faith and give it your best, like one would for a fresh start.

I hope it works out!

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