Haven't played in awhile -- oziris still (one of) the best iron man guide?

So I've enjoyed reading through all the guides I've found, especially with group ironman planning, here's what I think (none of them are better than another, they are preference in what you enjoy doing or what your goals are):

From sweatiest to least sweaty (ordered by how long you delay pvm to do skilling grinds):





Casrk isn't a known content creator but he's posted his guide here a couple times, and the most updated one a couple days ago. The big benefit of this one is how updated it is: it includes a lot of things to consider like fish barrel or shooting stars. The primary thing about it is that it's pretty hyper focused on maxing and delays slayer/pvm the longest possible. He mentions 99 crafting, mining, runecrafting, fishing veeery early. But plays around the nutty QoL you get from early crafting cape and infinite supplies of fish and runes and ore etc.

Oziris is technically the most efficient for a well rounded account, but most people have problems with some of the sweatier things like banging out 99 thieving or barb fishing. It still pushes pvm back a fair amount. The main issue I have with it is how outdated it is. Not a huge issue a lot of the time but I found myself cross referencing other guides/questions on this subreddit to see if I should/shouldn't be doing some new method or something. If you only care about following the guide up to barrows gloves, Oziris' can't be beat IMO.

B0aty's still has some efficient things and pulls from Oziris guide sometimes, but otherwise is more pvm rush focused. B0aty's is really detailed when it comes to doing diary steps and is micro-efficient for a long time. Even far into the guide he will tell you where to go and what to do while you are there, for much longer than the other guides. The main downside is it's the least descriptive about the steps. You don't really know why you do a lot of stuff sometimes without prior knowledge. It's very step by step basically. It's also somewhat hcim focused, whereas all the others consider regular or both.

Alfie's is the least sweaty. It's somewhat of a pvm rush similar to b0aty's. He has lines in the guide where he calls you a psychopath if you are willing to do early wintertodt or 99 thieving. So in terms of efficiency, it kind of loses some in favor of not doing unfun grinds. So you might struggle more with stuff like money or supplies moreso than you would if you did sweaty thieving/wintertodt like in the other guides. The biggest advantage I've found is how descriptive he is. He includes a ton of interjections about why you are doing something and just gives a lot of info in general.

tl;dr: Casrk for early skilling 99 rushes for QoL, delays PvM longest, by far. Oziris best for rushing barrows gloves, delays PvM 2nd longest. B0aty's and Alfies are both more PvM rush focused. Alfie's plays the closest to a "normal" experience without banging out any 99s early. B0aty's is a little more efficient and click intensive overall.

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