Having a crush while being depressed is even worse

I can second this... do not follow any of the following.

A really cute girl actually asked me out (who I had a crush on) and gave me the perfect opportunity to ask her out. She asked me to go hiking and at the end she quite literally said "Hey, your legs are long like mine, lets race down to the bottom!" Not to mention she took her shirt off and did most of the hike just in her bra... and another one of my friends bluntly told me the day before "so and so really wants your dick". Bless his heart lol.

The opportunity came and I couldn't bring myself to say anything... so we sat in silence for like 2 minutes until everyone else caught up, and that was that.

Another girl I had a crush on for like 5 months (the entire class). I hardly said anything to her. Last day of fall semester I added her on facebook. All winter break the only thing I could think about was her 24/7. On the first day of spring semester I asked if she wanted to hang out over facebook. Turns out she has one of those fake boyfriends lol.

Another girl i had a crush on and actually asked her out after a couple months of painful agony trying to think of the exact things to say. She actually said yes! And we agreed to meet somewhere for lunch. Unfortunately there are two places to eat on campus and I thought she said she wanted to go to one... and I showed up at the other. I figured it out like 20 minutes later and ran across campus to see her at the other one. By then my social anxiety had killed me and I could hardly even say anything to her. Turns out she had a fake boyfriend too; lol.

And if you can believe it the worst one: The first girl i had a crush on before all of the above.. i asked her to go climbing with me like the first week I met her in my sophomore year. One of my friends learned she was coming (who was one of her exes) found out and dared another one of my friends to call her and tell her that we decided not to go climbing. I felt so horrible about it and a couple months later i bought some tickets to the winter dance to ask her out again. Never got the courage to ask her out so I went alone and mostly stood around eating snacks.

Almost every day thought about how I could go about asking her out... for two years.... until two weeks before graduation when I finally admitted to her that I had a crush on her, and she was kind of speechless.

Walked in on a bunch of my friends like the next Monday which was 1-2 weeks before graduation (friends from all 4 years of college) talking about how much of a pervert I am for trying to ask her out. Lost contact with all of those friends after graduation.

Now I am emotionless and a 24 year old kissless virgin, with no idea how I can ever approach a girl again.

Please do not end up like me either.

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