Having A Difficult Time Deciding Which College To Choose

My two cents: first I might try to pare down the debt numbers (e.g. is that after subtracting what you'd earn during summers, work study, anything the family might contribute, which parts of cost are billed by the school vs personal expense estimates, etc). In other words, go over the numbers with a fine tooth comb.

And make sure borrowing is even an option - loans of this size would involve a parent signing the loan. Your federal student loan will only take you to 27k over four years.

I am a little uncomfortable with the total amount of debt, but 17.5k/yr for Mendoza would be hard to pass up, if that's the cost to you (vs the portion of cost that you would need to borrow). That's barely beyond the cost of room and board! But, going back to my first point, what is the cost to you and what is the actual amount you would borrow? Two different numbers, both important to consider.

I've been reading here and there that, depending on the particular field, these days you might not need an MBA with sufficiently prestigious undergrad BBA. (And if you do want a prestigious MBA, the quality of your work experience after college is critical. 2-3 yrs bare minimum.)

I like the idea of the math minor. Pairs well with finance/econ. (FYI, most universities will offer econ as a major/concentration both within the business program and within their arts & sciences school. The business one is pared down to make room for the other business requirements.)

If prestige is important for undergrad business choice (and it often is), ND would be the value option. If the borrowing is not possible/too much, I'd be inclined to go with Rutgers over Northeastern.

If you need another ranking, I'm partial to this one https://poetsandquantsforundergrads.com/2018/12/12/best-undergraduate-business-schools-2018/4/

And if you are interested in IB, poke around the forums at wallstreetoasis (taking a grain of salt), e.g.


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