Having a female body sucks.

Me. My older brother raped and tried to kill me when I was 5. The only person who stood up for me was my mom. Dad? Wanted the rapist back in the house and he wasn't even his biological kid, but I unfortunately was. My dad actually saw him actively raping me too so there was no room for doubt. Grandma? Said it's my fault I broke up my family at 5 years old because I was obviously asking for rape. Friends? Oh I'm not pure anymore so they didn't want to be my friend cause they'll catch the "slutty"? (Honestly this was probably because I was in a religious school and it was elementary/middle/and high school - In college I was more accepted, but I also didn't tell many people and one of the guys I told tried to assault me in a public area of the school. I was too afraid to report it and have nothing happen, so I never did.) Family friends? They said my dad was a saint for trying to get my brother back and I'm the problem because I didn't like my dad specifically for this reason?? The government? Threatened to put me into foster care if my parents didn't take him back in the house because it's child abandonment to send him away from the home.

My mom fought for 6 years to keep him away from me and she succeeded, she is the saint. She got him all the mental help she could at all the best facilities. She didn't love him anymore, but he was her responsibility. I don't know how she was able to handle all of this.

My older brother got away with it. It's not on his record, never went to jail, and he walks free to this day. He contacted me via social media all throughout my teens trying to get me to talk to him, but he'd only do it on my birthday, the day he was caught raping me, my mom's birthday, or my favorite holiday. After a while of me never responding he actually showed up at my fucking door a couple years ago to blame me for his shitty life and ask for money. Like what lol. Sorry your need to rape/strangle me as a kid and torment me for years after ruined your life?

To be fair after he did that I got a LOT of support when I went to get a restraining order over 20 years after the initial rape. I was so nervous no one would care or believe me that I made a folder of everything from the original hospital reports of my rape and attempted murder to messages he had sent me for years and the CCTV footage of him coming to my house(I got the security system because of him specifically, he's mentally ill and I always felt like one day he'd come looking for me). I am SO excited/relieved about how much more rape victims are accepted and helped now. It wasn't always like this and I am so happy society is helping me now.

With this in mind I am horrified male victims are not believed and if they are, they are seen as less than a man. Society has a long way to go and we should be standing up and supporting ANY victim regardless of gender. Also people who lie about being raped or assaulted are disgusting and make me sick.

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