Having fun with the game but...

I will never understand people calling difficulty "artificial." You have to manage the mobs, you can't just melt down the boss. That's not artificial difficulty, that's the game's design philosophy. It seems like when someone doesn't want to adjust, the difficulty is "unnatural" - whatever the hell that even means. The difficulty is the difficulty.

You have guns, it's not Dark Souls. If it were melee only, adds would be obnoxious. But if there were no adds, I could melt these bosses down in 30 seconds with no problem. The adds force you to run around a bit and strategize when you make a push to damage the boss. You're more than welcome to dislike that, but don't act like its some kind of objectively "artificial difficulty." You're still beating the bosses, I've beaten all the bosses, many others have as well. You want to be able to steamroll them, but this is the game telling you that's not how it works.

Yes, every boss has minions except maybe one I can think of, but one could argue that one has minions as well.

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