Having problems with our boss and some things aren’t adding up and we don’t know what to do

If the pandemic/worker shortage did one good thing for this country —it was raising low paid hourly wages. You can go McDonald’s or Taco Bell and make $15/hr, so if your restaurant pays line cooks $10/hr they should quit. Idk where you live but in the Midwest it’s currently $18-$22/hr for working fast food. I worked at major chain for years and they never paid less than $12/hr for any BOH employee (pre-pandemic), and post pandemic it was $18 no experience $20+ with experience. BOH employees would quit left and right when they were in the $18-$20 range bc they could find hire wages at other restaurants. The moral of all of this is—NO, servers should NEVER have to subsidize BOH employee wages with their hard earned tips.

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