Having to sit through a 1.5 hour presentation about the company making record sales and profits, then being told no pay rises this year due to "the financial situation"

Completely understand, there's a bit of me that is tempted to eventually to go self employed, half of the offers you receive are often assuming you'll do that. Doing so would more than double my salary, even after the insurance, software etc... But tbh I think I'd like some security in my life and less unpaid overtime (than currently).

My employer is taking the pee with salaries, it's a massive company that made record profits, underpays and everybody knows it.

They recently released a chart to managers (one showed it to me) that showed that 80% of engineers leave within 5 years of starting, and list salary as the main reason. Then started asking, what can we do to help reduce this amount? Erm...

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