Having such a hard time playing Pantheon right now.. help me out

conq definitely im in my plat promos winning most of my lanea if not almost all of tyem and i dont do half the stuff you said in your post. i only run conqueror, i crunched the math and its better throughout way more parts in the game (i take that rune 90 percent of the time, its just better for spliting/skirmishes/midgame+duels and sometimes even best choice even in your lane match up on top of that)

so here's the thing, either im doing something you dont (since i dont do much of urs) or its the build/runes, or both. for reference i play super roam heavy pantheonm i ruah youmuus/mobis then cleaver then i turbo split+roam and hit my f1-5 on river/lane pixel brush edge looking for ults. panth is never going to be a riven/azir/lucian/sylas/kayn(place strong modern champion thats fairly overloaded with either dmg utility or mobility or q certain combination of the 3) but none of those have a point and click stun for roams, a roaming ult that can even further punish tower hitting champa after they used their mobility a ilities to shove if ure just slightly aware. also his block passive + spears early on make it hard for enemy lanes to get agency in lane this is big fot panth. after getting my team aheqd early i just split late with youmuus/cleaver/mobis and if things get rough i just ult away on honeyfruit and join my team for a quick tower or objective, no other champion can do that so freely besides tf maybe. midlate raptors cloak can be a really good cheap buy to get back faster to push your momentum while also giving mendatory armorm cleaver 2nd because i need an item that gives 20 cdr, ad and hp and useful speed passive for splitting/chasing (rage movespeed), panth needs those to fight because his abilities have short cd so he gets at least 2 rotations in any bruiaer duels, hp because if u die before u get ur second rotation out its all foe nought. cdr for ult is big too. slow armor shred is just a cherry on top that does work late game or if ure stuck on tank hitting/peeling duty occasionally in a teamfight

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