Hawthorne Heights - Ohio Is for Lovers [Emo]

2007 was a weird fuckin year. Out of nowhere, stretched ears and pierced faces took the norm like there was a mass brainwashing. "Scene" and HXC was the major culture at the time, but all the people following it were mean as fuck. The metal meant absolutely nothing, but it did ruin people's vocal chords because turns out, screaming to the point where you pop a testicle (yep, that's possible) isn't good for you. Fuck scene HXC holdouts. Also, Ohio is not for lovers. It's for people who overdose and die from boredom because there's not a single fucking thing to do in Ohio except look at all the trashy people with meth mouth that think Ohio is so great for not having nice beaches or outdoor life. They just get piss faced and overdose.

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