Hazuki Is the Best

They were fine, I'm not going to say they're a god but they're above average and far better than the Mentor Chat would have you to believe.

Keep in mind, everything the Mentor Chat says about them is accurate....for current content. You shouldn't spam Cure I for Freecure in current content (or use Cure I about ever, really, if you've reached that point something went horrifically wrong). You should be doing more DPS in current content. You shouldn't really go OOM in current content. If they tried to play like current content and Mentor Chat would want then they'd be far less successful.

In synced min item level ARR content, they're doing the right stuff. You simply do not have the MP recovery tools or OGCDs to not spam Cure I for Freecure or do hardcore DPS. They could rely on regen a bit more in specific fights but other than that they're doing solid.

The main reason they were OOM a lot yesterday was because the SCH was doing a lot of Ruin II spamming and not as much tank healing, forcing Hazuki to carry the burden of tank healing near single handed.

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