HBO Max has the best content, but I keep choosing Netflix because the app is so much better.

I just cancelled my Netflix sub and signed up for HBO. Yes, the app is better and the quality is better (basically no 4K/HDR on HBO), but at the end of the day I'm not paying $18/month just to scroll through endless amounts of crap just to find nothing to watch. I actually end up putting on YouTube videos to watch in the background. Way more entertaining and costs me nothing.

And FWIW, I doubt HBO max will end up that much better. So far most of it seems like garbage, especially the original content. Honestly all of these subs seem like giant money pits. If I really wanted to watch a few old movies or shows, I could just buy them outright. They'd probably come with a digital copy too.

Even regular TV is a waste these days. I pay $65/month for YouTube TV and for what? To watch annoying cable news? And sports are hardly interesting now. I'm probably going to cancel that as well.

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