He (25/m) told me (25/f) to invite him over, but this doesn't feel right. should I just forget about him?

I am not going to invite him. i agree he is a narcissist and will reject me. that's the vibe i was getting. i mean he already DID reject me, without me even like...telling him i wanted to go out with him or was interested in him. we just had a tipsy/drunk good time together dancing and flirting and all. but that was it. and he felt it necessary to pull me aside just to tell me he isnt interested in a relationship (which i had interpreted as him saying, listen i dont LIKE you, period. I was drunk) . it was just so awkward and embarrassing and didnt make me feel too great. so i just figure if i even continued anything with this guy he'd be constantly reminding me about how he doesnt like me. doesnt sound fun at all.

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