He was basically a batman villain by the end

Konrad is Batman until the statue started 'talking' back.

The truth, Konrad , is that you're here because you wanted to feel like something you're not: A hero. I'm here because you can't accept what you've done. It broke you. You needed someone to blame, so you cast it on me, a dead man. I know the truth is hard to hear Konrad, but it's time. You're all that's left and we can't live this lie forever.

I'm going to count to five, then I'm going to pull the trigger.

You're not real... This is all in my head...

Are you sure? Maybe it's in mine. ONE.

No... everything... all this... it was your fault.

If that's what you believe than shoot me. TWO.

I-I didn't mean to hurt anybody.

No one ever does, Konrad... THREE


Is this really what you want?

So be it... FIVE.


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