He didn't comment back

I love how your last sentences proved my point and contradicted your first two lol.

I have little doubt that using context and utilizing reading comprehension skills would be confusing to you, but you don't need to explicitly state something in order for logic to be applied to reach a conclusion.

OP Context: person with addiction gets free life saving treatment

OP Context: different person gets upset that he was given life saving treatment because he feels he paid for it and the receiver was not worthy of it

Content of who you replied to: people with addiction are human beings who are worthy life saving treatment too

Your posts, stated as a rebuttal: It's unfair a person with an addiction gets free treatment and I don't because my medical condition is more legitimate, therefore, if anyone shouldn't have to pay for treatment, it should be me. i.e. some people aren't as worthy as others to receive life saving treatment . i.e. your life is more important.

Lastly, you don't understand how addiction works, and your ignorance is your problem. Fuck you.

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