Is he ever going to lose the weight?

Firstly, you're being quite damn rude to Boogie, he reads this sub personally. I'd like to see you have the guts to say this to him in person.

i would say it to him irl, srs

Secondly, Boogie's lost quite a bit of weight, encountered problems and issues, and explained why we can't just dump him on a treadmill for two hours a day followed by pushups. Because that's literally physically impossible without destroying the good man.

excuses, and he doesn't even have to exercise to lose weight, just has to eat less

Boogie's trying to get to a weight at which he can get weight loss surgery, which is his best, and just about only way of losing enough weight.

nope, weight loss surgery just makes it easier to eat a calorie deficit, which he could be doing now if it weren't for people mollycoddling him and enabling his laziness and lack of discipline

you being a dismissive ass about his feelings and childhood trauma honestly annoys the living shit out of me, even though it really doesn't apply to me. What are you trying to achieve here? Don't you think boogie knows that he's got to lose weight? Don't you think every single person he knows has told him that, that he hears it every day, and thinks it himself every time he looks in a mirror? Of course he knows. You being a dickhead to him isn't contributing positively in any way, if anything it has a potential to make it worse.

he started a weight loss channel over 4 years ago and hasn't even broke 500lbs since, obviously not enough people are telling him that he needs to lose weight otherwise he would have gotten below a BMI of 70 by now

Even if, which I personally can't imagine, boogie were just making excuses and not losing weight, it is not your place, not our place as fans, followers or strangers to call him out on that. It's none of our business. If he needs calling out on, he's got a wife, he's got friends whose business it is much more.

so people who try to stop other people jumping off bridges are bad then brah?

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