He ignored me all day for the second time, what should I do?

Well. I'm no therapist mind you , but it seems that what he said she did to him, he is now doing to you.

Which suggests at least, that he lacks insight in to this area of himself.

As far as her being crazy, I'm guessing he told you a lot of stories which is how you know that ?

But your relationship now is at a point where he isn't trying as hard to impress you, and imo, it would be weird for him to do something to you that annoys / bothers him so much (though people do do this all the time , confusingly), unless he is either in denial or totally unaware that he does it lol .

If that's the case then you will need to convince him to see that he does it or convince him to change and give you more attention like the relationship seemed to be established on.

Either way you're putting yourself in to a state of negotiation, the whole thing begins to develop less organically and yeah.

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