He responds when I text but he never initiates the conversation.

Please please take this slow and cautious. Don’t fall in too quickly, I’ve (20M) made this mistake many times, the most recent being a year of my life feeling wasted, empty. I would initiate most things but also get texted or called first about 30%-40% of the time, I thought it was great. Although there were many other reasons for our now falling out, I believe the main contributor was me being more into her than she was in to me. If your putting in most of the effort like it sounds, don’t be surprised to start feeling exhausted over being the initiator and sole conversation starter/continuer. It’s a tough job that people shouldn’t have to endure. My therapist told me most good, solid relationships vary, very often. (and no, I don’t me bf/gf, relationships can even be defined as a friendship that is attempting to bud into something else as well, this advice applies to all types of relationships). One day you’ll put maybe 60/70/80/90% to account for all sorts of things and vice versa. Count in bad days and good, you should be be picking up each other’s slack on different days. I’m unsure how long you’ve been talking, but I’m a firm believer that effort is the sole indicator that someone is actually in to you and is also deserving of your time in return, one sided relationships aren’t fair. (Sorry for the rant)

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