"He is a terrorist. He is a criminal. He is an extremist. But he will, when I speak, be nameless." - Jacinda Arderns extraordinary speech to parliament

You asked me to state "EXACTLY" what I wanted proof of. I quoted your statement that I'd like to be proven to the same rigorous standard you are demanding from me

What do you not understand about the difference between what I have claimed (there is no evidence that censoring a killer's identity does any good and in fact there is evidence to suggest otherwise, which I promptly explained and provided) and YOUR claim that...

  • Psychologists say there is evidence (and you have provided zero psychologists saying that nor their data to justify it)

  • Law Enforcement says it (again, you have provided zero examples)

  • FBI (again, no examples)

I did not say that a SPECIFIC professional said any such thing, I said there is no evidence to suggest that is the case, that there is evidence to suggest otherwise, and SHOW me who is saying these things and their justification.

You can't do it.

How, in your head, are these two things the same?

You then provided no proof of that statement (you meandered off into video games and music, for some reason) and are back to demanding I give you some sources to read.

That was not meandering! That has been my point and my claim fron the start!!

I have said, from the fucking beginning, that the idea that media coverage or exposure CAUSES things to happen is not a new idea...

And yet it has always been proven false.

And that people jumping to conclusions like "humanizing" the killer by talking about them, their background, and their motives causes more shootings is another example of this.

But YOU not only disagreed with this, YOU said there are SPECIFIC professionals saying otherwise with SPECIFIC data to prove their points.

And you have done nothing but cop out and REFUSE to cite these professionals.

So either there are professionals who said this or you're LYING.

You are being intellectually dishonest and manipulative and you know it.

So either show me...

  • The psychologists
  • Law Enforcement
  • FBI


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