Headache and feeling nauseous

Idk man. I work in digital services. I spend all day dealing with ad campaigns and messaging to get people to love or hate things.

When I get home and log on to a site, it has it's own "feel" to it. I have a pretty good sense of what is real and what's subversive bullshit.

In particular around this game, I've seen a lot of "organic" content that is actually coordinated activity. This has mainly been on the positive side; very mucy feels Amazon's strategy is to limit accessiblity deliberately, in order to create demand. The server state is not an issue to be debated with emotion - they have the capabiltiy to deliver on every level, personel, technolgy, hardware funding and the current queues are deliberate for sure. Watch how progressive the server updates will be. Someone somewhere has then ready to go in a spreadsheet somewhere.

Instead web services are focused on guiding organic narative and limiting visibiltiy of content which might affect revenue in any way.

In the same sense, highly negative content which has a certain smell to it can be contrived.

This is all strategy which most people are probably aware of on some level, you're just lucky enough to work outside of it as to reserve any cynisism.

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