[HEADPHONES] HP - OMEN by HP Mindframe Wired 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Gaming Headset for Windows 10 w/ active ear cup cooling technology - Black/Red 49.99(199.99-150.00=49.99)

No gaming headphones are shit period and that isn’t brand new. If you don’t notice that they are shit that doesn’t make them shitty products. Ignorance is bliss.

Assuming someone with a $50 can save money and buy a better product rather than buying a mediocre product. Even if you want a decent gaming headset, at $50 you will not find one. If you don’t care about sound, build quality or warranty then buy whatever comes up first on your search.

Gaming headsets frequently market features that do not add to the product which most people fall for.

If you read typical marketing ploys you will see that, active cooling, surround sound, rgb, enhanced footstep detection do not make the product better. Once you get that then you can look for the right product in your price range.

To say that a person wouldn’t notice a difference between a $50 gaming headset and 80$ headphones and DAC is hilarious. That’s completely subjective to each person and doesn’t prove your point. We are talking about the build of two separate products not how someone perceives the quality of the product.

I don’t know why he wants headphones, is it for strictly gaming? Does he want to sound whore footsteps? Is it for just console or PC? Does he need to travel with it? How long will he be gaming for?

Obviously both headphones and gaming headphones exist because people are buying them. But I didn’t recommend a product at all.

If you don’t care about soundstage or quality then gaming headsets are for you. If you want to do more than JUST gaming then look at standard headsets.

Since when has advocating to spend $50 more for a better headphones wrong?? Giving someone a place to find more information so they can find their answers that pertains towards their situation.

If someone asks you to build a computer for $200, the logical thing to say is save more money then buy something worth your money.

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