"Yak Shaving" procrastination. If you haven't heard of this term:

A less useful activity done consciously or subconsciously to procrastinate about a larger but more useful task.

At work, it looks like trying to design the perfect code in my head before actually beginning work. Like just trying to foresee possible bugs or predict enhancements someone might ask for, rather than just diving straight in to solve the problem in front of me.

Outside of work, it might look like coming up with an idea for a woodworking project. But I can't start it until I clean up the garage. And I can't clean up the garage unless I first make some new workbenches and tool storage. And I can't make tool storage until I organize my tools to know how much storage to build. And so on ..

It doesn't feel the same as like procrastinating to play games. Like all those steps actually feel necessary to completing the original task, but then seeing all those steps quickly makes me feel overwhelmed, which just delays getting started or the project never even gets off the ground. It's like an over-engineering feedback loop.

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