I hear a lot about MtF women who are lesbians. I haven't heard much about FtM guys who are gay. Do you all have stories where you were married to a man and became a man or your wife/SO transitioned and stayed together?

I am married to a cis man. He met me very feminine and “comfortable” in my gender. Of course dysphoria is a beast that we all attempt to shove down and deny until it can no longer be contained. We have been married for 6 years and I was hospitalized last year- I realized all of it was due to my internal need to transition. I continued to be “what I was supposed to be” which really meant making everyone else happy. I am 6 weeks on T. I’m saving up for top surgery. My husband still doesn’t understand what trans means. He calls me a beautiful woman. He said he was tired of his wife looking like a man. He thinks my therapist may be pushing this on me. I just want him to understand. I’m thankful that T is a slow process so that he isn’t overwhelmed. I don’t know what our marriage is going to look like. It’s just a day at a time I guess. We will be going to relational therapy but it’s from someone who considers themselves Christian. I myself am a Christian but I’ve been hurt by the misconceptions- that I am choosing to betray my gender, my vows to my husband, and that I’m being selfish. I’m nervous for this because I just need a therapist for marriage counseling that can understand this issue.

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