Hear me now and believe me later - get your coins off the exchanges

There is plenty of research that shows face diapers don't prevent the spread of viruses. Viruses are too small. You won't find this research on main stream media, but its very logical when you study viruses and how they migrate. There's also plenty, and I mean plenty of official evidence to show that the number of deaths claimed to be Covid were actually the number of deaths that would occur anyway from flu. And apparently miraculously there were hardly any flu deaths this last year. Seriously, with a bit of research into official figures one quickly realises that this whole thing was a shit show to get dodgy vaccines with experimental shit in them into humans. But, as they say do your own research.

So yeah, I agree with getting coins off exchange for a number of reasons, and this is a potential reason given the level of corruption and abuse of power that's going on.

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