Heart attack is the leading cause of death

Sometimes you have to amputate the limb to save the body. Innocents will suffer, the good and kind and just will die. Petty criminals will be killed. Those who had what could be construed as debatable reasons for their crimes will be rap with without nuance. But all this is good. Justice is blind, and should not be bogged down with the nuanced. It should wield death as a blunt instrument, to hammer out all the wrongs of society and beat it into submission. To break the corrupt over its knee and leave them to die. Justice should not be merciful. It should be ruthless. This ruthlessness leads to efficiency. If every Criminal is killed, there is no crime. It sounds obvious, but think on it for a moment. The very concept of crime becomes synonymous with death. Crime becomes suicide, so no one would ever do so unless they wanted to die.

It does not matter if you wanted your family not to starve. You committed a crime in attempting to save them, and you will be dealt with accordingly. It does not matter why you commit a crime, only the crime itself. In fact, one could construe that it is a crime in of itself to have children and create a family you cannot support, and therefore that entire family is guilty of being criminals. Truly, they should all be excised for the greater good. The children will sympathise with their father who died for their hunger, and they will still go without food. Death is both necessary and a benevolence in this case. The mother too is a criminal. She bore children of a criminal. She bore criminal children. She bore children she could not support. She is a criminal, and deserves to die. Their entire bloodline should be eliminated.

Some may call it excessive, but look at it this way: it is better to kill a billion innocents than to let one guilty person live. Many innocents will die, but many flowers are paved over in the building of a road. It is not a tragedy, it is a necessity, an inevitability when building the glorious road to the future.

And the bit about The God of the New World is necessary. The people need fear to keep them in line. Fear of what? Another man? Men can be killed. Men are fallible. Men can be rebelled against. But a God? God cannot be killed. God is everywhere, always watching, always hearing, immortal, esoteric, and untouchable. God is infallible, unquestionable. Gods word is Scripture, His every whim an Axiom.

You don’t need a real god to achieve this. Just deceive the masses. Tell them God will strike you down for any sin. And they will believe it. Any crime, no matter how small, and the person dies on the spot? It must be God.

Apotheosis is the only way to secure your legacy forever. And forever it shall be. Once you have cleansed the world of undesirables and whatever remnants remain are pure, good, just, and most importantly, blindly loyal and obedient to you as their Lord and Savoir, well then you have won. You can forever shape Society to your will, even after you die, through Dogma you lay down. And it will be enforced by your fanatics forever. It will become so foreign, so alien to question your will, to do what you have admonished against, to sin in your eyes, that no one will ever do so, even without the threat of death.

Total control. Forever.

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