Heartbroken - Sibling Wedding Party Snub

nal note - you don't HAVE to

Thank you for your response. I would never not go to the wedding. I've committed to catering a couple of the events.

I am resigned to an intentionally minimalistic approach, with the intent to not draw any attention to myself. My responses on this board may suggest otherwise, however, this is a much more appropriate means of managing my frustration... Then say, calling them up right now and telling them how I really feel. Or calling my parents up. The tone in my mom's voice told me all I needed to hear. She knows me. She knows how I would respond. She knows that I will manage this on my own. She may even ask me about it when things die down, and I'll tell her half-truths.

Responding to those who have criticized my rather myopic response has also been therapeutic. It helps me work through this without having to bring in my brother and his soon-to-be wife. I do not wish to carry a grudge. I do not want to carry this anger around for a long time.

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