In the heat of an argument, my brother in law revealed my husbands infidelity, he sent me screenshots of their conversations as proof but my husband claims they’re faked

Omg. We work together from home, live together, and do our hobbies together. 5 kids. No time to cheat.

He went to the ER the other day, for a kidney stone. They tried to convince him it was a UTI or STD, and I had been cheating on him - he just didn't know it. He was floored and came home to laugh about it with me. That was their FIRST reaction when he said his symptoms.

He gets that a lot of the time, we've had to swap professionals just to avoid that kind of talk (also the "baby trapping" and "don't you know what condoms are?!" are fun, too). Doesn't help that we are super rural, so everything is to blame on "women" just existing. Not even kidding. Town is stuck in the 1920s, with a nice 2020 dose of "men get fucked over by women aaaallll the time".

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