Heated discussion about politics

You look at an infant, observe the skin color, and proceed to make (negative) judgements and (negative) assumptions. You do this with no sense of irony.

You speak as if having white skin represents a unique evil, probably because of the deep guilt and self hatred instilled in you.

There is no false equivalency, only historical ignorance. The Germans didn’t wake up one day and decide to kill Jews. It was the culmination of increasingly acceptable libels and slanders over decades, the laying of blame on those who’s guilt is determine by ethnicity. All ethnic violence begins with this kind of narrative, whether Rwanda or Bosnia.

A practice you seem happy to engage in.

There is no false equivalency merely because enough time hasn’t elapsed to see the full effect of telling one group of people that the other group are their enemies, collide to make them suffer, and oh, by the way, their evil racism is “unconscious” (code for intractable), virtually genetic. Hmmm.

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