Heimerdinger in the Top Lane

So, since the time of my posting I have played 6 more Heimerdinger top games. Vs Vlad, Akali, Quinn, Tryndamere, Viktor, and Darius. The only one that even remotely gave me trouble was Quinn, and even then, post 6, she couldn't bird form me, she was forced to roam and ended up giving me two towers. I noticed that Heimerdinger is nearly impossible to gank. Also, I'm unsure if they changed the way his turret aggro works, but my turrets always seem to focus the best possible target, and seem to prioritize a stunned enemy in their radius, even if I'm autoattacking someone else. I'll explain what I mean. In my game vs. Tryndamere, their jungler Diana was camping my lane, because Tryndamere just couldn't handle the pressure of my turrets and my W. He attempted to all in me a couple times when he had his ult but couldn't because of my stun. One time when Diana came to gank, my ward in tri bush JUST expired, and I didn't see her, I was pushed out slightly far, and had just reached level 7. I was 3/0/1 at that point and had Seekers, Sorc boots, and Morellonomicon. The Diana Q'd me, and immediately ulted to me. As her Q hit me, I E'd the spot where I was standing, and stunned her as she blinked to me. I then R+Q'd, and started autoattacking and W'd the Tryndamere to attemoted to follow up on the gank. My Ultimate turret was focusing Diana the whole time, as were two of my small Q turrets, while myself and one Q turret were focusing Tryndamere. It was as if I could splot their foxus, it was amazing. I didn't get a kill, but I ended the fight at 90% heakth and Diana limped away with 30%, and Tryndamere had to use his Ultimate to escape. I just didn't understand how powerful Heimerdinger was. I kind of want to make him my new main, his ability to turn things around is just insane. I thought I would be dominated by most matchups, but the Donger is a beast.

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