Hello fellow brothers and sisters, a bit bored right now. Y’all got anything to share? Life problems? Funny moments in your life? Please share.

I do have a problem.I don't really know how good or how bad the fact that I am sharing it to unknown people is, but it does beat me up every time. First is that I'm just an outcaster and a freak in my class. I really hate it.Every time I just try to talk with my classmates I feel like I'm not important at all.As if no one would even notice my absence.It hurts.I never felt as lonely as at School. Second, I still feel very guilty for not uploading my project exams on time, and I do feel very guilty about it each time and when I see the teachers, I just want to grave myself under the earth. But I am trying to fight with my second problem by trying to organize my daily timetable, and disciplining with fighting the procrastination. Third problem is that, most things I say are considered as a joke or some cringe stuff.Maybe you'll find this post as a cringe as well, and I am sorry for that in advance. If you have any suggestions, or advice I would be very glad to read them. To sum it up, I hate school, and I would be more happy to die, rather than go through this hell once again.

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