Hello. I'm an ex-Muslim. Please take 5 minutes of your time to read this.

If "peaceful Muslims" are, as you say, living in constant fear of discrimination over the acts of the extremists why aren't there thousands of Muslims protesting these terrorists acts? One picture of Mohammed is drawn and in addition to the death there is also mass protest by "peaceful" Muslims. What happens when Isis beheads a bunch of little kids and their parents because they defied Allah in whatever way? Are there Muslims out protesting the violent and terrible acts committed by these terrorists? No, and why not? Because they, like any other brainwashed Muslim fuck out there, think those thousands of people killed by Muslim terrorists every week deserved to die because their religion tells them they did. Now had your point not included practicing Muslims and had only focused on the non-Muslims falling victim to discrimination I would be with you 100%, but I don't believe for a second that anyone who is a serious Muslim (not those who just say they are Muslim without having ever even so much as picked up a Qu'ran) is against the acts of the extremists. When I see Muslims in civilized countries actively protesting against the acts of groups like Isis I will believe that there might be such a thing as a peaceful Muslim. That aside, the racial side of it is, indeed, a problem as ex-Muslim and even native born non Muslim people will receive unfair discrimination. The biggest thing that needs to be made clear is that Islam is NOT, has NEVER been, and will NEVER be a race. Hating a Islam is not racism because Islam is not a race and looking like you are from the middle east does not make you a Muslim. The color of your skin is meaningless when the problem is the ridiculous murderous ideals of a downright medieval religion. It is not being from the middle east that makes you a bloodthirsty savage, its following a religion that commands its followers to kill all who oppose it and all who disobey that makes you a bloodthirsty savage. Food for thought for those supposed "peaceful" Muslims not out there actively showing the public how against these terrorists they are, if the radicals take this too much further Islam will be seen on the same level as Nazis and practicing Muslims in civilized countries all over the world will be treated as practicing Nazis are today. If there are any real Muslims that are genuinely Muslim and genuinely peaceful they only way to prevent either Islam being outlawed or radical Muslims slowly turning your new homes into the shitholes you ran from is to speak out and start doing something to show the world you actually exist. The only Muslims I have seen saying anything against the radicals are the ex-Muslims like yourself. Until such a time, due to the nature of Islam and its practices, I cannot assume that any true Muslim is anything short of an evil homicidal maniac waiting for the right time to stab me in the back. The Qur'an teaches deception, murder, violence, and hate in their most lethal forms and it is for these reason that thousands of non-Muslims, (and even practicing Muslims to a lesser degree) regardless of country of origin live their lives day to day not knowing for sure this will be the day its their turn to be fed to the rampaging war machine that is Islam. If you don't think that needs to be stopped asap you truly must not care as much as you let on about what happens to your fellow human beings.

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