Help a Backsliding Christian!

I converted to Christianity at 17, and I still am 17.

I hated religion and I resented Christians, yet through the grace of god I'm Christian now. I did this never truly having known god, being raised by an agnostic mother and very anti-religion father.

It was through his grace that I suddenly felt pulled toward him and became a Christian.

Read about him, pray to him, ask him for strength and forgiveness and you will be back to him with certainty.

Even when you feel you are alone, or that he has forsaken you he's still there by your side.

These are among my favourite displays of Christ's nature.

- Jesus schools a pharisees (very conservative Jews) on forgiveness in his own home.

- Jesus schools more pharisees on forgiveness (first section)

- Jesus speaks to a lone Samaritan woman

(Context: Jews and Samaritans ususally hate eachother, and this woman is an outcast in her Samaritan community because she's a bit promiscuous)

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