help? beginner here

[–]CoolerThanFuzz [score hidden] 59 minutes ago  Read up on all hero passives and try to learn them. Synergy means that ally heroes benefit off each other and thus work well together. ex 1) Hikari shoots two whirlwind arrows instead of just one when she is buffed. Thus, heroes that can buff her with blocks are highly beneficial and can maximize her damage output such as Drake, Archon, Mundeok. ex 2) Chain 3 chasers (heroes who have passives that benefit when an ally uses a chain 3) obviously need allies who use chain 3's. For example, Sigruna needs to use chain 3's to proc her passive. Using a chain-3 chaser such as Crow or Nazrune can utilize their passives after Sigruna uses a chain-3 without having to fight for blocks that Sigruna desperately needs. And the tiers are for PvP, not PvE. You need teams with synergy, not just 3 randomly thrown together high tier units to do well in PvP. For deep sea stages, you really need a good healer like Mew and a strong archer or mage that can take out the backline (the jellyfish) or else you will be doomed. Post your team here and perhaps I can help more with this :) Goddess selection also matters, as well as obviously rank/level of your units. permalinksavereportgive goldreply [–]CQLip [score hidden] 57 minutes ago  What are your heroes? If you list them we can point out some straightforward synergies/combos that will make your life easier. You need to think/read about how each skill works and why the top rated team comps are top rated. permalinksavereportgive goldreply

formatting helpreddiquette save [–]iamtaytarik [score hidden] 56 minutes ago  Q1: Synergy means working together Example. Characters that do most damage with chain 3 and a character that passive procs when your ally chain 3. like Archon and Naz. example of non synergy is team mates that knock up and team mates that shoot straight (means will miss due to knock up) Q2 no that does not mean. being top tier does not mean they synergize. in CQ synergy is more important than being whatever tier although some top tiers can synergize but dont be confused. they are based on individual skills in PvP. if u need help on your team just post the characters u have here and we will help permalinksavereportgive goldreply

thank you all for the fast replies :D now i have a better understanding of the game and its mechanics. here are some of my units that are notable 6* : mondrian 5* : Leon, Nightingale 4* : Thor, Sneak, Korin, Niven, Crow, Stanya, Sasquatch, Nazrune, Lilth, Woompa, Mew

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