[Help] Could use some uplifting stories about returned dogs.

My dog was staying with a friend for a week, and despite me telling him you absolutely can't let him out without monitoring him; escape artist who can jump 6 foot fences.

I get a call while I'm on the other side of the country telling me he's not sure what to do, my dog escaped and he's been searching for an hour and he needs to leave to go to work or be fired.

I spent the day imagining my dog injured on the side of the highway and unable to get home, or lost searching for my house and unable to find his way back to my buddies house.

Buddy got home from work to find that my dog had made his way back to his house, somehow opened the front door (we guess he didn't manage to latch it on his way out?) Puked up whatever he'd gotten into all over the living room, and was napping on the couch.

Dog thought it was a great adventure

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