Help (F) struggling to orgasm with partner

Well, hasn’t gone down on me yet, but honestly don’t think that would help. Oral I am waaaaay into my head and there’s almost no way I wouldn’t be at this stage. We talked about it, and he looks forward to the challenge of making me cum via oral, but I wanted something more engaging for me (seriously, unless I’ve just gotten bad oral, which is possible, it’s another thing that feels good but goes nowhere and my mind is just wandering nonstop).

In terms of him fingering/touching, he was fingering me the first few times after he finished, or rubbing, but he definitely wasn’t helping me build towards anything. We do need to work on how he stimulates my clit, and I think he knows that. He definitely tried more this last week. I was just getting to the point where I was the impatient one because I was sexually frustrated, and in my head for taking too long, that I took over my own stimulation. He played with my breasts and nipples the whole time which definitely helped me go over the edge.

I think the first time we were together, it was lack of effort on his part. We both hadn’t had sex in a while, and his endurance was definitely not up to his usual standard. Last week he actually didn’t even cum every time and fucked me just to help me get to cum. Like I said, I think a part of this is my own impatience (I get so turned on that I beg to be fucked…sorry not sorry), and some is figuring out ways for him to make me feel good when he stimulates my clit.

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