Help! Fapping caused me to have weak pelvic floor muscles. I am freaking out. What to do!?

Sounds cool to me. After a few days, you will start getting hard randomly and those times will help to strengthen your pelvic muscles as well imo. I have never gone more than 20 days without ejaculating, but I stay hard like half an hour without stimulation when I wake up after day 10.

Don't edge when the urges come. Edging leads to old habits.

It is better to get rid of porn and masturbation altogether, especially when you are young. This will force you to get great life skills. I started PM very late in life due to depression and sadness, and it seemed a nice idea at that time. And most of the social skills and energy I possess comes from the fact that I didn't grow masturbating to pixels. I had to meet, chase women, fail, learn from mistakes. I still fail to attract some females attention, but I have a way higher success rate than my peers. Nobody understands where my energy and social skills come from but now you know the secret :) Stay strong brother.

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