Species: Canine

Age: 12

Sex/Neuter status: Female Spayed

Breed: Black Labrador

Body weight: 64lbs.

History: We've had her since 10 weeks from a non-papered breeder

Clinical signs: Cataracts, hearing & balance issues... old age??

Duration: 1 months

Your general location: Western Montana

Started about 3-4 weeks ago, Morgan has started skittering while standing. Meaning she'll be standing under our legs being petted, then like, lose her balance and her legs wobble and skid out from under her... like she's ice skating and loses her footing. Or she'll get up from a laying position and lose her footing trying to stand up.

She has also started to be afraid of certain parts of our house. She will suddenly be afraid to cross the wood floor living room to go outside potties or, be afraid to step onto the carpet from the hallway. She has even retreated when we call her name. Even to come or go.

We clipped her toenails thinking maybe the skittering tap-dancing was freaking her out, but that doesn't seem to have made a difference. Thing is, it's not consistent to what type of flooring she's afraid of. We are in a mobile home with built-ons so there are steps to certain areas of the house. 3 steps outside to the backyard but one step into our bedroom (where she mainly sleeps) but then she has to go down a step to get into the sunroom area where the backyard is. it's not one area she's wary of, it differs from day to day.

But on the other hand she can hop onto our bed or couch to sleep with ease, no issues. She is also scratching at her head a lot and wants her head/ears rubbed but there is no sign of ear infection.

I know labs don't live very long but she's in great shape.. hour glass shape, runs, plays jumps and is very active (we live along the river so she plays fetch, plays with our kids & swims regularly - and also has a healthy appetite) but it's like her brain is seizing or forgetting how to do things like stand. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a picture so you can see our old gal Morgie Imgur

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