[help] holy fuck I’m scared I hope it wasn’t because someone got a hold of my Facebook from one of my pirated tweaks. I think it was juice because I remember trying to log in with my Facebook but it never worked. I’m scared they didn’t get any of my other social media passwords or my email.

Less likely to be due to piracy, but it’s no better lol. You’ll need to change passwords for services which use the same password, if it is.

Did you get any email telling you to reset your password? Did you enter your security question answers into any Facebook quizzes? If you do have a reset link, check the URL and see if it’s actually https://facebook.com and not say, https://facebook.net. There are a ton of ways social engineering hacks work.

While you’re at it, I advise you to look into password managers(bitwarden,1Password etc come to mind). They can help you have different, secure passwords for all services and they sync across devices using iCloud/Dropbox too.

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