Help! How to avoid getting nervous or failing an interview you're an anxious person?

I guess I stopped being desperate for a new job and that helped me relax during interviews. Instead of trying my hardest to sell myself and praying for callbacks, I just stopped caring and put more effort into interviewing them to see if it’s a good match for me. Asking a lot of technical questions will make you look good too. They like your experience if they wanted to interview you, especially when they probably get hundreds of applicants. So don’t let your knowledge gaps hold you back. But I know interviewing is very emotionality draining and can be discouraging with all the rejection.

Also, you’ll never know everything so don’t be worried if you don’t check all the boxes. During interviews, I’ve told them I’m a quick learner and I love a new challenge. I wouldn’t want to accept a new job where I knew everything because then there’d be no room for me to grow. That always seems to work.

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